DNAtrix’s DNX-2401 is an oncolytic immunotherapy designed specifically for treating glioblastoma (the most aggressive brain tumor), for which there is no cure.  Remarkably, direct injection of DNX-2401 into human brain tumors leads to extensive tumor killing with no harm to normal brain cells.

Compelling results from Phase I clinical studies conducted indicate that DNX-2401 can (1) replicate in human tumors for a period of weeks to months, (2) trigger immune cell infiltration into the tumor not observed with other therapies (3) cause ongoing tumor destruction detectable by MRI and (4) induce complete responses to therapy. In these studies, patient survival has been prolonged in a subset of patients, including in those achieving a complete response. Equally important is DNX-2401’s superior clinical safety profile of no significant associated side effects.

While results from many anti-cancer drug trials have been disappointing so far in glioblastoma, molecularly targeted agents are likely to have synergistic antitumor effects in combination.  Research has shown that DNX-2401 is compatible and effective in combination with small-molecule and biologic therapies currently approved or in development for the treatment of cancer.