DNAtrix is developing potent immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer using its proprietary engineered oncolytic adenovirus platform.

DNAtrix’s immunotherapies are built on a backbone of its proprietary oncolytic adenovirus platform based on years of scientific and clinical research. Through careful engineering of the common cold virus, DNAtrix has been able to create a therapeutic technology that is 1) tumor selective and potent; 2) well tolerated in clinical studies; and 3) enables the rapid creation of novel clinic-ready immunotherapies.

The platform employs a powerful dual mechanism of action. First, it directly infects and replicates in tumors cells, causing tumor cell death via viral-induced oncolysis. This viral infection and spread of the therapeutic virus occurs for weeks and releases cytokines and tumor antigens into the tumor microenvironment.

Second, it induces a potent anti-tumor immune response by activating both the innate and adaptive sides of the immune system, including cytotoxic T cells and macrophages, which infiltrate tumors post-treatment.

DNAtrix’s platform technology possesses desirable characteristics for creating new therapies for cancer.

  • Novel Mechanism: designed to selectively kill tumor cells and trigger an antitumor immune response; clinically demonstrated to turn “cold” tumors “hot”
  • Preclinical and Clinical Activity: demonstrated ability to destroy tumors and impact overall survival
  • Safety: demonstrated across multiple clinical studies; enables combinability with other cancer therapies
  • Versatility: ability to efficiently arm viral vectors to generate new therapies with diverse mechanisms of action