Armed Viruses

Oncolytic Viruses Armed with Potent Immune Modulators 

DNAtrix is developing a pipeline of oncolytic viruses that are armed with immune modulators, designed to unleash robust immune responses against tumors.

Armed Viruses capitalize on the effectiveness of the human immune system by combining the backbone of DNX-2401, a replication-competent oncolytic virus, with a third genetic modification to the viral genome, encoding powerful immune modulators, including T-cell Agonists, Treg Antagonists, and Checkpoint Inhibitors. These viruses leverage the clinical safety and efficacy of DNX-2401 to move quickly into clinical testing and through Phase 1.

Armed Viruses are being engineered and evaluated for effectiveness against various cancers. The first candidates, expressing members of the TNF receptor superfamily that enhance T-cell activity, show remarkable efficacy in animal models of cancer, including breast, melanoma, brain and lung. 

DNAtrix is continuing to expand its pipeline by developing viruses armed with additional potent immunomodulatory molecules to treat other cancers that are resistant to currently available therapies.