2018 Press Release

DNAtrix’s Oncolytic Virus Expressing OX40 Ligand Treats First Patient in Recurrent Glioblastoma Clinical Trial 

Houston, TX – November 26, 2018 – DNAtrix, a leader in oncolytic virus immunotherapies for cancer, announced today the treatment of the first patient with DNX-2440, an oncolytic virus expressing OX40 ligand (OX40L). The first-in-human Phase 1 study is evaluating the safety and efficacy of DNX-2440, administered by Alcyone’s Microtip Cannula at the time of biopsy, to patients with recurrent glioblastoma for whom surgery is not possible or planned. DNX-2440 is the second DNAtrix oncolytic adenovirus to advance into the clinic.

DNX-2440 is engineered from DNAtrix’s highly potent oncolytic adenovirus, DNX-2401 (tasadenoturev), which has already demonstrated the ability to selectively kill tumor cells and trigger a powerful immune response directed against the tumor in several clinical studies. In addition to these mechanisms, DNX-2440 expresses OX40L, a critical costimulatory molecule known to enhance antitumor immune responses.

Extensive preclinical data have shown that DNX-2440 elicits tumor-specific immune memory and an abscopal effect (shrinking of an untreated tumor distant from the treated tumor), leading to prolonged survival in difficult-to-treat animal models of cancer, including gliomas, melanomas, and breast and lung cancers.

“Based on our observations from past studies with DNX-2401, we expect DNX-2440 to be safely administered and well tolerated, and to enhance clinical responses and prolong survival in patients with this devastating disease,” said Ricardo Diez Valle, MD, Principal Investigator of the study at Clínica Universidad de Navarra, in Spain.

“DNX-2440 should trigger an immune response directed to tumors that are otherwise refractory to single agent immunotherapies,” said Frank Tufaro, PhD, CEO of DNAtrix. “We now have two unique products in development and are planning to evaluate DNX-2440 for other malignancies, reinforcing our commitment to developing oncolytic immunotherapies for difficult to treat tumors.”

For more information about ongoing DNAtrix clinical studies, visit the ClinicalTrials.gov website: NCT03714334 (DNX-2440 for recurrent glioblastoma), NCT02798406 (DNX-2401 + pembrolizumab for recurrent glioblastoma), and NCT03178032 (DNX-2401 for newly diagnosed pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, DIPG). In these ongoing studies, DNX-2401 and DNX-2440 are administered intratumorally via a proprietary microtip cannula developed by Alcyone Lifesciences.

To access the recently published paper on DNX-2440, visit the Cancer Research website http://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/77/14/3894.long.

About DNAtrix

DNAtrix is a privately held, clinical stage, biopharmaceutical company developing oncolytic virus immunotherapies for cancer. Its oncolytic adenovirus platform viruses initiate a chain reaction of tumor cell killing by selectively replicating within cancer cells (but not normal cells), triggering an immune response directed against tumors.  DNAtrix has multiple virus candidates in clinical trials for cancers with urgent needs for novel approaches. The company’s investors include Morningside Ventures and Mercury Fund.  For more information, please visit the company website at https://www.DNAtrix.com.


Imran Alibhai, PhD
SVP Business Development