Immunotherapies for Cancer

DNAtrix is a clinical stage, biotechnology company developing virus-driven immunotherapies for cancer. DNAtrix's oncolytic viruses initiate a chain reaction of tumor cell killing by selectively replicating within cancer cells (but not normal cells), triggering an immune response directed against tumors. DNAtrix has multiple virus candidates in clinical trials for cancers with urgent need for novel approaches. learn more >

Technology IconTechnology

DNAtrix is developing potent oncolytic immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer using genetically modified viruses that maximize safety and efficacy.
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Pipeline IconPipeline

A pipeline of novel viral-driven immunotherapies is being developed for the treatment of a variety of aggressive cancers.
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Clinical Trials IconFor Patients

Human clinical trials of DNAtrix therapies are ongoing for adult and pediatric patients diagnosed with aggressive brain tumors.
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Virus artwork  by Luke Jerram