Immunotherapies for Cancer

DNAtrix is developing virus-driven immunotherapies to treat cancer. DNAtrix’s unique technology platform is based on an engineered version of the adenovirus (common cold virus) that was made to selectively infect and kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. DNAtrix’s therapies are being designed to eliminate cancer by directly killing cancer cells, awakening the immune system and driving an immune response against tumors. DNAtrix has therapies in multiple clinical trials for cancers with urgent need for novel approaches. Learn More >


DNAtrix has a proprietary and versatile platform that enables the rapid creation of novel clinic-ready immunotherapies.
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A pipeline of innovative immunotherapies is being developed for the treatment of a variety of aggressive cancers.
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For Patients

Clinical trials of DNAtrix therapies are ongoing for adult and pediatric cancer patients.
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Virus artwork  by Luke Jerram